Into the Derbyverse - 11/06/2018

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Transcript: alright guys we're gonna go ahead and get started my name is big papa this is into the Derby verse it is Tuesday night election night 2018 hey just wanted to run down the happenings of the weekend see see all the action we've got we've got some stuff going up north and things going on down south and have to say over the weekend it was a pretty exciting weekend so let's go ahead and get this started we're gonna actually start up north up at fault line Derby Devils they took on the Derby Republic at bolado Park Event Center and Tracy eNOS basically the lead bounce back and forth throughout the abouton there was never more than a few points even down to the final two gems in the second to last gem faultline was trailing Derby Republic when the jammer for Derby Republic was sent to the penalty box given the power Jam over to Maddy long legs if you've ever seen Mattie long legs Jam they are right up on that line you you give Maddie just a few inches she'll take that entire mile from you so that basically gave Maddie the from fault line the control they're bringing up more points maddie actually did double jammer action basically return to the jammer line on the last Jim was able to cinch the lead jammer scored the go-ahead points as the point does the time ran out on the clock and went ahead and called it and actually helped faultline secure the win over Derby Republic 192 to 186 just six points difference on that came down to the final gem now I want to thank a couple people for giving us that information Nia Vaughn I went ahead and posted their photos over on the into the Derby verse Facebook page great pictures there I mean he did some really great pictures there want to give kudos out to Taniya for that also great things on the track itself it looked really neat it was a cement non-college cement track so most of the skaters were using the hardest wheels that they had but just a venue itself you had the fans sitting under like a wooden cover it almost looked like a shed type thing but it was really neat so I have to actually take my time to get up there and take a look at that also a shout-out to pinball pinball and moonshine was doing double action as the announcers for that event and also bigger burrows when I give a shout-out to bago for helping us with the score and getting everything taken care of there so that was a great doubt again nail-biter came down to the the last seconds on that so that's always a good thing one of the things we talked about too is when jams are that close at the end of it how endurance plays into it you know you get tired you get you know foul trouble or anything like that but this one here was just a an L biter through and through so a really good good job on that also with Derby Republic and this actually saw the return of Reese withered oom2 to the lineup on the track she actually retired kind of did the suitor retire when she was with Unforgiven I've known Reese where the Dumas since she was with Unforgiven when she was with Derby Baker Derby Revolution of Baker sold also the Baker sold derby girls and also one of the first teams that she was on which was the radioactive radioactive riot girls that was a local team from here in the Lancaster area happened to be the coach so that was really nice to see her back in in action we're gonna go a little farther up Norris we're actually gonna go up to Salem now last week we had talked about the Cherry City going up against Humboldt so the boneyard brawlers of cherry city came off a loss from route force of Humboldt and took on Spitfire of lava city lava city is actually out of Bend Oregon so just an i-5 bout between Salem and Ben now the brawler's came out swinging and took the win 226 to 139 so that helped out with those those are there both of their B teams the Spitfires for lava city they are a new team that's their their b team and again new teams for boneyard brawlers for a cherry city that's a new team so it's good to see two new teams going at it and and mixing it up on the track so that's good then we go over to the first annual sea star standoff tournament try to say that three times fast this is hosted by Beach City roller derby this is a five team sea level consolation bracket tournament so let's talk about levels so most of us know a B and C but for those that are unfamiliar with that siezed C teams are your new skaters as those skaters that have done they're locals you know requirements their skill requirements pass that did some maybe some scrimmages and stuff like that and also it could have you know maybe about or two so they're still still fresh there is still fresh on the tracks fresh on their stuff there were keys so that's that's what's really good also sometimes with a C team you'll maybe see a skater that's trying a new position like a blocker trying to go into a jammer position so you'll see that so this brought out five teams that would be the sea vixens from beach cities you also had the wipeouts of San Fernando Valley renegade rising of the Los Angeles renegade Roller Girls certified diamonds from rough diamond rebels and low C Anna's from the San Diego roller derby so they brought that in what we have for you guys later tonight I will actually post up on the into the Derby verse website ill Reverend Mike was there along with Erlich Ron hurt him and illa Reverend went ahead and brought us a great report I'm gonna go ahead and put that up on it he gives you his his insight how the tournament went he breaks that's a great breakdown I was really enjoyed it's a great read I'll have that up on the website just quite after you know just this evening so we'll have that up there but back to the standing is the sea vixens from Beach City they actually defeated the wipeouts of San Fernando Valley 202 to 157 to take first place renegade rising from Los Angeles renegade Roller Girls what took the win over the certified diamonds from rough diamond rebels 128 277 to secure third place and San Diego roller derby placed fifth on that tournament I think that's a great tournament to have that was the first tournament that we had that actually helps extend the games that we have I think this weekend we had more games played and next weekend we'll have more games played that we had in the prior seasons so that's you know extending the seasons out more I still think we're gonna be most teams kind of wrap it up by the 8th of December I think that's one of the last ones that I see that's when West Coast goes down to take on SoCal Derby so we have we have that going on I was myself up too up in Ventura over the weekend on Saturday for a double-header I saw the west coast junior knockouts they took on the diamond City minors what was really good on this is this was the first junior about for West Coast shooter knockouts in the open division this was a sanction junior da if you're not familiar with that that's basically the Junior form of WFTV this was a sanctioned out they have three categories three divisions they have an open division which would be couette you have a boys division and then a girls division west coast junior knockouts are a all-girls team and they are actually open they are actually playing in the open division over the weekend with the diamond city minors Diamond City minors are number one in the world in the open division so they had a a big showing coming out so that was really nice to see in the first period as far as the jam rotation Diamond City had four jammers in rotation against the knock junior knockouts coming in with five then in the second period both teams increase their jammer rotation to six jammers you did have that halftime the score was 171 to 28 in favor of the Diamond City minors and then the final score was 350 to 57 in favor of Diamond City miners Diamond City did take the win but what was interesting about this is the tenacity of West Coast this again their first about in the open division and they they held their own it was really good I think there was a good combination of defenders number 13 rocky by baby and also 111 party-crasher was a solid defense wall I have to give a shout out to party crasher of west coast junior knockouts she was just hunting down the jammers knocking people left and right so I think if I'm looking for a bodyguard I think it's gonna be a party crasher that's going to be the bodyguard then you switch over to Diamond City monitors Diamond City miners is they are a solid team I did not see any weak or openings that they had speed Bry you was just phenomenal and teaming up there was no just one there wasn't a single player that stood out on Diamond City miners they all played solid it was a well Elise of team they've been playing together for a long time so when you had it as far as at the end you only had 12 penalties for each team so you had six penalties per period per team so you only had a total of 24 penalties the entire season the entire match so that was a really good as far as the MVPs for the diamond city miners the blocker MVP blocker went by to number 89 speed Bry you as a blocker the jammer was number four mini maniac and the MVP overall that was number 54 amazing took the overall MVP for the diamond city miners over on the west coast side the best blocker that was 104 scars and Stripes the best jammer was number 24 or honey badger why she doesn't care and number seven the overall MVP was number seven bruiser for the West Coast junior knockouts now the diamond City miners are going to be back in action next Saturday we'll talk about more about that on on Thursday's show and they're gonna be taking on sodac attack out of Dakota South Dakota and then west coast junior knockouts are actually gonna be playing again next Saturday sighs actually next Sunday so we'll talk about more of the junior action that's coming to Southern California so that'll be really nice to see then we switch to the AH the adults the adults playing I mean just a second hair I mean it gets on the drink so how's everybody doing six-foot Dempsey my friend how are you good seeing you Conrad good to see you there miss bleak how are you good to see everybody there I want to thank everybody for for showing up and doing this if you can't do me a favor just give me a thumbs up if you guys could hear me all right and also if you're watching us live or on the rebroadcast leave a message here as far as a little comment of where you're watching us from I would really appreciate that so again if we haven't met my name is Big Poppa I am a announcer and NSO here in Southern California I've been doing this for going on six seasons right now and I really enjoy this this sport it is one of my favorite sports actually it is my favorite sport so so we talked about NSO's and stuff so with that that would be NSO would be a non skating official you also have skating officials we typically call them referees so that's all of our official crews so we talk about that Chuck yep Chuck mr. GAE was talking about December 8th which is the annual Noddy versus nice with wine town rollers and whether they have another one coming up on December 29th we'll talk about more of that on Thursdays show we've got a lot more stuff coming in so but it was really nice with our NSO so I'm actually going to be seeing a lot more people this weekend and until the end of the and the end of the month hey Chuck do me a favor if you get a chance can you drop the the link there for us for the for the event so we know to get prices and tickets and stuff I would really appreciate that we can get that all taken care of for you so we're going to go move to the adults this is going to be the West Coast derby knockouts the TKOs they came in this ranked on the WFTDA ranking at 208 taken on the biggest show Diamond divas they were coming in at 154 remember we talked about a little earlier faultlines game how it came down to they say the last two jams oh my gosh this one was amazing seriously it was Diamond divas came in started really strong and then the TKOs they started matching them coming back and forth and then also the TKO was came out ahead it wasn't until it was like the second period and I've and you had it was the second period the 14th Jam in on the second period it was number 30 actually I do apologize that was double-oh-seven blonde assassin from Baker so Diamond divas Dave Diamond divas was trailing TKOs in points in one Jam alone blonde assassin was able to get 30 points a 30 point jam it really changed that typically with that you know you get 5 points per pass you could typically get 20 points in a power gym she did this by itself this was natural this was the 30 points the hard way and that's what really took the suede the advantage I think that's where they they captured the momentum and kind of stifled TKOs but not to knock anything from the TKOs they actually came back up off of that took the lead again the lead changes were very very small I mean there's a lot of times where you had that the points were were tied there is other times where the TKOs came in with the points and they were unanswered by the Divas they were able to come in with a gem get three or four points call it off redo it again take get the lead jammer status three or four more points call it off so they were really doing great scoreboard and points managing and also managing that clock it came down to the last gem the seriously the last gem and I would say the last 45 seconds of the gem where your winner came out which was the diamond dealers it was a great a great take away so let's talk about this as far as the first period bakersfeld diamond D was in the rotation for their jammers they had four in the rotation they had aerial ambush they had fig they had a reckless risa and blonde assassin that was their first half first period rotation in the jammers TKOs came in and they were running a three jammer rotation which was sucrose overdose Reap and Rainbow and ASA skates very solid jammers from the west coast then on the second period they both brought in just three jammer rotations two to finish out the bout you still had sucrose overdose Reap and rainbow and ASA skates for the TKOs and the Diamond divas you had actually Jordan number 23 jamming for the Divas so they basically held her until the second period you had fig that was jamming and then blonde assassin so you had a fresh set of legs there for the Baker so Diamond divas so that was really great let me see if I've got the final score for you like you apologized give me just a second so up next for West Coast is actually going to be about for SoCal Derby on the 8th of December and then for the Diamond divas they're going to go up to V town up in Visalia and take on the V Town derby darlings on November 10th so that'll be a great about to see and actually it is the 10th anniversary for V Town give me just a quick moment let me grab that final score for you I do apologize that I did not have that readily available for you I do apologize I missed that must have missed that out on that I will actually look that up and have that for you shortly or if there's anybody in the in the chat that has it let me let me know what that score was yeah all right let's go ahead and take a look at that get that going on all right so the next thing that we're gonna be doing is gonna be talking about a couple changes that that came came up in it in the derby community we had talked about the changes for Rose City Rose City is actually going to go into the championships with a new logo you had some other changes with the mainland misfits again that they're coming into the season earlier as mainly misfits changed our names over to the Greater Vancouver area roller derby now you actually have the mad rollin dolls are actually changing their names to madison roller derby as of the start of their 15th year again Madison's been going for 15 years and they're actually just wanting to change their the name so people understand you know how proud of the city that they are Madison Wisconsin so freeing - Madison making sure that they've got that couple the other changes that we've got coming on again every at the end of every season and WFTDA goes ahead and looks at the rules and sees if there needs to be any rule changes there are three major well three rule changes that that we've we've seen that they have announced on their site you can go actually to the new section of WFTDA dot-com and actually pull that out the first point that you have is the back block so in the past just like we have had before if you are coming in with a back block so that's basically somebody hitting the person in the back the skater in the back and if you came in did not gain any position and did not gain knock the skater down or cause somebody else to gain position there wouldn't be a call there wouldn't be a foul now what we're seeing is if you make a forceful hit on a per skater in the back that could be avoidable so basically you're coming in hot hitting the person in the back causing them to move or just even making that contact that that could be avoided that will now be a penalty so basically I think a lot of times with that that's you see a lot of jammers smaller jammers and that were well coming will be coming into a larger wall and just trying to hit that wall with all their might trying to move something around may not be gaining in any position may not be knocking the blocker down or causing anybody else but making such a shall we say a nuisance that opens up that opportunity and the skater can come in I think that that's you know they're trying to clean that up I think that's that's real good but again take look at the rules see what they've got going on and and let me know what you guys think I think it's it'll be a good addition a solid in addition to have things coming coming in so that would be something that you know take a look at the next one that has to do is with a star pass so currently right now as we know the jammer can pass the star to the pivot and the pivot only that's the only target that they can give to now in times you've got the packs together at a high rate of speed the you've seen the jammer pass the pit past the star to a blocker and the blocker grabs it you know just out of out of necessity or out of reaction here have this and somebody's taking it that's the penalty what they've done to kind of clean that up a little bit is you have an opportunity to deny that accepting that patent that star cover so that's I think doubt that it's gonna be a good thing kind of clearing things up as far as when we had that cut track when we changed that cut track so basically before when you cut the tracks to basically come out and you you you know didn't recycle yourself through the back of the track and if you would come in if you basically didn't you know crawl your way out and you made any other any other changes besides crawling out immediately or in standing up you would have been called for a cut track what they've done since then is they basically said okay you could stand up and then make that change I think this is almost like the same thing here as far as hey I can kind of reach for it but I'll change change my mind and not gain you know gain the position of the possession of the star I think that'll be good you know I think that would be really good a Conrad thank you very much that score that final score was 139 for westcoast 141 for the divas like I said a very very close game thanks smasher I really do appreciate that let's take a look here so again we covered the the back block I think that's a good thing I like to see that we covered the star pass I think that's going to be a good thing then you have the death of the people call it quote the death of the jammer lap point basically what's happening is right now you can get five points because if the jammer means a point for each opposing player that they pass and that's measured by the hips so they gain you know gain over that person past that person they get a point that also includes the jammer a study was done by code atom and other officials I know there was one official out of Gotham that followed up that study I thought it was good basically what's going to happen is they they took a look at the high levels play and saw that a lot of times that jammer wasn't awarded correctly and wasn't awarded in Iran laterally you know being very consistent in in making that call evap at a higher level so basically what they're doing is taken away that last point they took a look at studies and and how is that going to affect other games or how many games that you know that has they took a look over 300 plus points on that you know 300 plus games on that so basically in a nutshell they're going to be eliminating that that 5 points so no more high you know 5 five in the sky points no more Grand Slam points so basically the most that you can get on a pass is four points I really don't think that's gonna make much of a change to the game I think as far as you know gameplay and stuff what I really think is gonna do is really tighten down the rules and be able to you know be able to call the game consistently and the rules are interpreted consistently you know I think that's what's really gonna make a a good study I'd like to know what you guys think if you guys think you know maybe hey Big Papi you're looking at it wrong or hey I'm not too sure about it I'm really gonna do this and just take a you know you know how I feel I think it's gonna be good for the game all along the other thing too is I want to just take a wait-and-see type thing we're finishing up the season right now this doesn't go into effect until January 2019 and doesn't go into effect as a rule set to be called on all games until after you know until February 1st so it'd be really nice to see that I think you'll see more consistent play as far as calling of penalties I think you'll see more consistent changes I think the only major change that you'll see as far as gameplay would be that back block type thing so that'll be kind of interesting to really see I'm I'm gonna see how that that plays out against our pass I think that's going to be great other things that's going to be great so but after all that said and done let's talk about what's coming up this weekend it is it is going to be the championships 2018 international WFTDA chant coming up I went on to the into the Derby verse website now there sorry not the website the Facebook site and I went ahead and put my predictions I'm print making a prediction on the bracket I'm making a prediction that Rose City will come in first Victoria will come in second and Gotham will come in third so go up to that take a look at it I think there's a link where you could actually take a look at the bracket and make your own prediction so I challenge you guys take a moment go take a look at that see what you think that's where I'm at I'm not making that prediction out of sheer stats is I really like to see Rose City I would also like to see Angel City make I think they're going to be dominant I think Angel City will come in mid pack maybe a little bit higher up so that's going on this weekend so where are you guys watching it are you doing a watch party you're just gonna sit by your by your phones and watch it there or your computer and watch it so let me know how your your taking in this stuff one of the questions that I'm going to leave you for the question of the day is this with the new rule changes that are coming especially with the four points being the most is will you see lower scores or are you going to see higher scores so let me know in the comments below and again that's the question with the new rule changes how do you think that's going to show in the scoring of the game so again I will see you again on Thursday where we're going to go ahead and make our running start to the weekend and show you the all the Derby action they're going on this weekend I have a full boat oh my gosh I will be at dirt city as dirt city takes on ie DD for the season closer out in Victorville on Sunday then I turn around and have a doubleheader the juniors going on at the West Coast Derby knockouts in Ventura so I'll be posting throughout and take a look at your West Coast Derby knockouts see how they do their juniors and also with those anarchists this weekend Diamond City minors we've got a lot of stuff going on again I will see you guys on Thursday please make a chance if you can like and share our facebook site as we kind of wrap up where we're going to transition over to youtube and try putting roller-derby on youtube that you can see this so I will see you later on and on Thursday again my name is Big Poppa it's been a pleasure sorry I've got things going on I got I got 880 DS so but again my name is Big Poppa it's been my pleasure we want to thank you very much for watching into the Derby verse and again keep your friends close and your enemies within 20 feet of the pack do you guys have a great evening [Music] no no you're fine   
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