The Roller Derby Weekend Rundown

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Rose City High Rollers hosted 8 Wheel Assassins of Cherry City at "The Hangar at Oak Park in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night. At halftime the score was tied at 75 all.The High Rollers came out strong in the second period and took the win with the final score 172-137. A shout out to 6 Foot Dempsey for bringing us that information. The 8 Wheel Assassins will be back on the track again in February.

Central California Area Derby hosted a free Black and White scrimmage on Saturday at Cary Park in Fresno.

Orange County Roller Derby held their intra-league scrambler on Saturday evening. The Princesses battled it out on the track against The Villains. In the end it was The Villains who came out who came away with the Victory Crown.

Keeping with the scrimmage theme, Hidden City Derby Girls hosted the first annual Friendscrimmage on Sunday. Hidden City and North County Derby Alliance mashed things up and formed The True Black and Blue and Friends with BeneHits. A fun time was had by all.

On Saturday, SoCal Cuttlefish took on Badfish at the 4S Ranch Sports Park in San Diego. Badfish took a strong lead but, the Cuttlefish had a huge comeback and took the win 150 to 149. A Shout-out to Isabelle Ringer for bringing us that information.

San Fernando Valley Roller Derby hosted a Double Header at "The Lot" in Sylmar on Saturday. The Fer Sures took on The Wine Town Rollers and took the win 209-174. The second bout had The Wipeouts taking on the Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls. The Wipeouts were in control of the bout and won 327-71.

On Saturday, the Foothill Junior Foxtails squared up against the North County Junior Rebels. The Foxtails controlled the first period by getting Lead Jammer 87% of the time. At the half, the score was 91 - 197 in favor of the Foxtails. In the second period, the Rebels came out determined to narrow the points gap. The Foxtails threw more jammers at them to try to stave off the Rebels. In the end the foxtails came away with the win 342 - 212. The Rebels had four Jammers in rotation in the first period and added four more in the second period. The top Jammers for the Rebels:

#7 Spazzztastic jammed 4 times and was Lead Jammer 2 of the 4 time for Jammer Rating of 50%.

#19 Tragedy Ann went 4 for 8 for 37%.

#902 Weeks of Pain went 2 for 8 for 25%.

The Foxtails started with 9 Jammers in rotation. The second period saw them add an additional six Jammers. This shows that the Foxtails have a deep pool of Jammers to choose from. Top Jammers for the Foxtails:

#1776 The Kraken went 3 for 3 for 100%.

#77 Emily Hellcat went 3 for 4 for 75%.

#679 Zoe Anarchy went 3 for 4 for 75%.

When we mention Lead Jammer Rating, we are speaking of the percentage of the jams that the Jammer was the Lead Jammer.

Your MVPs for North County Junior Rebels:

Blocker - #9051 Rink Rat

Jammer - #19 Tragedy Ann

MVP - #7 Spazzztastic.

Your MVPs for The Junior Foxtails:

Blocker - #29 Blue Raven

Jammer - #77 Emily Hellcat

 MVP - #19 Death Ray

The second bout of the night pitted Foothill Foxy Flyers against North County Derby Alliance. The lead changed multiple times in the first period. Foothill secured lead Jammer 12 of the 20 jams in the 1st period but, it was North County Derby Alliance with the lead at the half 129 - 116. The second period was a wild ride straight down to the last jam with North County Derby Alliance victorious 197 - 187.

North County Derby Alliance had only 3 Jammers in rotation:

#43 Spunky Bruiser going 4 for 16 for 25%.

#4 Sweet Cyanide going 4 for 16 for 25%.

#703 Whiping Dixie going 6 for 15 for 40% . 

The Foothill Foxy Flyers had 5 Jammers in rotation:

#81 Bambi went 8 for 11 for 72%.

#331 TKO Rex went 0 for 7.

#99 Indisgretchen went 10 for 22 for 83%.

#32 Moe Troubles went 8 for 12 for 66%.

#4 Bruiser went 3 for 7 for 42%.

Your MVPs for North County Derby Alliance:

Blocker - #750ml Vino Vom Doo.

Jammer - #43 Spunky BruisHer

Your MVPs for Foothill Foxy Flyers:

Blocker - #4 Bruiser

Jammer - #331 TKO Rex

Everyone here at Into the DerbyVerse wants to wish everyone a very happy and joyous Thanksgiving. I am Big Poppa and this has been your Roller Derby Weekend Rundown for the week that was.

Remember to keep your friends close.
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